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Tom Rosenthal is inspiring everything right now.

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Joe HisaishiJourney (Dream Of Flight) from Hayao Miyazaki’s “The Wind Rises”

Comparison is the thief of joy.
Unless we’re comparing ourselves to Jesus. Because Jesus is always inviting us into everything that He is and has done and is even calling us to go beyond that. Jesus invites us into His beautiful, perfect identity instead of making us feel less than or not good enough.
How awesome would it be if all of our social media and lives revolved around comparing ourselves to Jesus! Ha :] Ee.

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Michael Ketterer & United PursuitComing Alive

"You deserve—" crack, croak "…all the earth.."
but I couldn’t finish the line without everyone bursting out in laughter.
we were crammed in the room with the piano in it
under the roof of a home that my good friend dave has made
a place of worship and hospitality and constant invitation
for peace, angels and the presence of God.
i was leading us in worship with a capo and the five chords i ever play on a guitar,
when the great holiness and greatness of our Father was opened up to me
just a tiny glimpse more.
drop by drop, it’s like that’s all our physical bodies and comprehensions can handle.
but i keep pressing for His Spirit to continue unveiling all of Himself to me.

i suddenly felt the great weight of how He deserves All of the earth
to sing His praise. and i couldn’t stay composed about it.
and i didn’t care either.
my voice did one of those remorseful croaks and cracks,
and i totally understand that it sounded hilarious.
but as everyone was laughing i was so unbothered.
still so shaken by the magnitude of what He is deserving of.
All of His children to return to Him and sing His praise.
“i’m not embarrassed you guys!” haha, i yelled that to them all.
and they all started to quiet as they realized there was something deeper going on.
someone encouraged me afterwards
and said they thought it was so great that i felt that to that extent.
the entirety of their encouragement to me was actually really sweet and received,
but i just kept thinking, “man.. it’s not about me having the capacity
to be appropriately emotional where the emotion is due..”
yes, He is so worthy of me coming undone before Him.
and He is also worthy of me choosing into coming undone,
even if my emotions and soul don’t FEEL or grasp it exactly.

but it’s also about positioning myself in a place of readiness and openness
for Him to continue revealing Himself to me and leading me into all Truth.
i didn’t see and feel what i saw and felt because i’m awesome.
i saw and felt what i saw and felt because He chose to let me see and feel it.
He chose to let me into just a glimpse more of His glory,
(i think because i was so positioned and postured to see it,
but sometimes He just chooses to share Himself with us even if we aren’t)
and all the praise that is due His name.
and all of His children who populate this earth
who He longs to have return to Him.
who He is so Completely deserving to receive praise from.

Jesus is the Truth. and the Truth will set us free.
and so the revelation of Jesus will continue to set us more and more free.
the more clearly and deeply the eyes of my heart can see and taste
the holiness and worthiness of Jesus…
the unmeasurable cascading bounds of His love…
the heights and depths of what He’s given me and called me into…
the more He will be appropriately placed and exalted…
and the more I will appropriately understand my position in this journey.

well, anyways. i just tremendously love to worship Him.
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Jeremy Riddle & Bethel MusicHeaven’s Song

lovely land made this sweet little video some couple months ago
week-long work accommodations,
only forty minutes away from home.
silly america.
ten times i’ve tried to place into words
what You’re doing inside of me.
how much i love Your truth,
how much i love to have appetite for it,
how much it sets free.
inside of me there is a deep work of breakthrough
that i’ve felt for days, weeks.
on the verge.
Your liberating Truth and reality
that when fully received shifts absolutely everything.
i hear it and say yes to it—through and through,
i know You know this.
i know You feel the burning in my belly,
i know You feel the burning of my gaze.
i’m intent. determined.
and i feel Your hand—knitting and adjusting,
pruning and removing.
i feel You leading me there.
i feel Your gentle but strong pursuit
as You know all that this will require of me.
i know that You and i both aren’t content
with waiting for the fullness of our collision until heaven.
and i will do all that it takes
to run full speed off of this cliff and into that breakthrough.
it’s been my yes to You,
and it only ever increases in its fire.
i will do all that it takes to run off of this cliff
and be the most liberated and empowered
lover of You, display of Your glory, lover of Your people.
You keep taking my yes,
and i keep running after You.
and i’m gonna run with You, all my days. forever always.
You’ve always been the most exciting thing i know,
and i love You deeply.
and You’re gonna help me with that part, too.
i’m more powerful than i realize.
you too.
love you, night.
had the great beautiful privilege of singing this song with my friend Neil
on his newest Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt! album “Live It Up Before You Die It Up!”
(soon to be released!)
my friendships with Neil and several of the incredible faces that you see in this video
have been some of the most enlightening and liberating gifts on my life.
this part of the song is just such a perfect example of what i’ve learned from them.
i love it so much. so much.
“there is nothing about you i won’t love.”
such wild commitment and promise.
i love what they’ve taught me.
i haven’t blogged or written in so long.
i don’t know if i’ll start back up consistently again or not,
or if anyone still checks this at all anymore,
but i’m reposting these old words to help myself remember this motion.
also, i’m listening to james blunt’s “bonfire heart” on repeat
because i heard it on the radio on my way home tonight,
and it brought sweet joy.
i like a good cliché radio hit every once in a while :]

i remain in You, and You remain in me.
a sacred deposit from the heavens
and the perfect Trinity,
You, Holy Spirit, live and move
and have all of my being.

You’re the Comforter of all comforters,

and You gave Yourself to comfort me.

You’re the ageless amidst the aging,

the true fulfillment amidst the craving.

You’re the way amidst the wayward,

the resting place for those who are tired.

You’re the supernatural amidst the natural,

and if You are all the these things,

and You are dwelling within my being,

if You are all these things,

then what does that make me?

this communion with You,
where my affections meet Yours,
and Yours meet mine.
i turn my face to You,
for this was Your perfect design.
to know and be known by You,
to love and be loved by You.
to breathe in where You breathe out.
You shared yourself with us
to restore all that’s been torn down.
You shared Yourself with us
so that knowing You would be our freedom now.

such a sweet, sweet Lord with a heart of romance,
You made abiding in You the key to this great dance.
You made receiving deeply Your love the answer to our frantic search.
You made resting in Your presence the source from which all true life gives birth.

You taught me to remain in You and to lean into Your chest,
and now my favorite dwelling place is here within Your rest.
set apart in lengths of time to cultivate this familiarity,
i learn Your heartbeat like a rhythm when i’m nested in You quietly.
the secret posture of my being that i carry like a key,
is that in You it is finished, and so in You i wholly lean.
if every answer and every way can be found only in Jesus,
then You are the treasure to unlock and uncover,
not by reason or by striving,
but by learning You like a lover.
it is by resting in You, Lord, that Your way of life i discover.
no greater answer to this mystery have i found within another.